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Windows 7 Embedded Standard

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 5:21 pm
by pete
Trying same now installing Windows 7 embedded standard

Same hardware as mentioned above:

1 - Openpeak 1
2 - Seabios
3 - 16Gb SSD

First attempt locked up computer after a disconnect of USB port ISO on a stick.

Second attempt using a powered Digi USB hub with Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse and USB stick with W7e ISO.

Booted and loading files.

Providing the play by play here..very slow running USB stick...writing here using Windows 7 or Windows 10...cannot deal anymore with MS OS and prefer using Ubuntu.

So the default MS ISO build disk bluescreened just about the time it was done. Today pre-installed drivers to build. Very easy.

Re: Windows 7 Embedded Standard

Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 3:20 pm
by pete
No matter what drivers I used when building Windows 7 always ended up with BSOD's.

Windows 8.1 Embedded and Windows 10 lite did work but was way too slow to be practical.

Actually mostly leaving the Windows world these days as Windows 10 is mostly glutinous eye candy.

Relating to automation here running base Ubuntu servers and for those Windows things running Windows Virtual boxes.
I cannot get away from Microsoft SAPI so basically use the Windows virtual boxes for this stuff.

I do have a base Windows 2016 server configuration that I use for RDPing in to for Windows based touch screen designer programs.

That said falling back to lightest build of XPe for my current standard of touchscreens.

That side Ubuntu does run much faster and better here on the EFI booting Jogglers.

So just relating to the Openpeak / Jogglers will remain in the XPe mode for Seabios and the Ubuntu mode for original EFI boot bios Jogglers.

I am tinkering with Alexa devices relating to automation but have no dependences should the cloud connection fail.

I am also tinkering these days with Tasmota / Espurna wireless firmware updated WiFi devices with MQTT which work great without the cloud but are dependant on WiFi. I have never much depended on any Wireless for automation. (including ZWave and Zigbee).

Sure bet Powerline (100%) UPB and X10 has always worked for me.

That is me.