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Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 1:30 pm
by pete
Yes here too playing with two HiSilicon chip set open camera boards and one new Doorbell..which are Hikvision. Got the two of them for $20 USD.
Bare bones one with a 3.6mm and the other with a 2.8mm lens.

Using the Hikvision batch configuration program I can shut off all of the cloud stuff here....I have looked and while it has left a few ports open it never talks to those ports. I have been able to get two RTSP screens going and one JPG screen. ONVIF works except that it is not password protected.

I can also turn on and off local NAS storage, cloud NAS storage, et al via the web GUI here.

I access the two test cameras and doorbell via VPN locally now. CCTV - NVR is still Zoneminder and now looking to update this.

I also purchased the Hikvision DB2 doorbell and have it totally shut off from the cloud app these days. Originally using the Ring Doorbell which is only accessible via the cloud.

Note too these are behind my PFSense firewall. NO local DNS configurations will pass through the firewall. Same thing with NTP as I am using a GPS / PPS for time sync here. (I did see chinese DNS servers and chinese time originally configured.)

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:06 pm
by craig_1234
It's interesting we are all into the same things. I do like Hikvision, They're well built and the software is decent. I have a Hikvision AHD DVR which also works as a NVR for IP cameras, dual purpose, so I can add a doorbell camera later on. At the moment I just have a 4K TVI camera with 6mm lens focused at the front door, with 7 other cameras around the exterior of the house and some PIR LED floodlights front and back. However, it's not much good if someone breaks in wearing a mask :) Then i have to rely on my alarm system and myself.

One of the IP camera modules I was testing recently had a Chinese DDNS service configured by default, but thankfully it could be disabled and like you I always disable the cloud functionality and ensure everything is tested and locked down. Most of the modules output two RTSP streams (low/high res), some of the more recent ones are able to output 3 RTSP streams (4K/720P/480 SD). I've also managed to crack the default root passwords on the cheap modules using hashcat and my GPU.

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:56 pm
by pete
Great news Craig.

Here way back went to using Grandstream cameras and Grandstream IP boards and a Grandstream NVR (which I really never used much).

Looking now to update my old Optex combos (camera and PIR) to using the Hikvision boards.

Noticed too I can telnet to these tinkering boards but do not get any telnet prompts.

I would though like to modify the firmware and downloaded the SDK but have no clue what to do with it yet.

Also migrating here from Zoneminder to Shinobe NVR.

Have you utilize the Hikvision batch configuration program to edit the camera's OS some?

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 5:43 am
by craig_1234
Are you sure the telnet port is open? Verify it with a nmap scan, as on some of the modules I've tested I do get a login prompt.

In the past I've done a few projects using AT commands in hyperterminal. Sometimes, you don't get a prompt in this instance however, you can still type in the commands and get a response. Or maybe it's like Cisco routers where if the login credentials haven't been set, it will just terminate the telnet session.

The trouble with these modules and chipsets nowadays is that most of the resources and datasheets are written in Mandarin and have to be translated. I sometimes just search for them on baidu and translate them using google, as there is actually a lot of information out there, just not in English. I used to have some Chinese international students who would help me do this, as I was a university lecturer until I got made redundant.

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:03 am
by pete
80/tcp open http
554/tcp open rtsp
8000/tcp open http-alt
8899/tcp open ospf-lite
MAC Address: 00:12:41:24:9A:xx (a2i marketing center)

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 1.77 seconds
pete# telnet 8899
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Never a prompt though.

In the SDK there is an example image that you can make changes to. From the IPCAM Talk forum folks have been able to enable or disable features on the basic Hikvision OS.

Basically you load the example then connect to the camera, it'll show a bunch of modes and then write changes et al. I tried with the generic camera and none of the changes would not write. Might be a newer SDK that would work.

Here are the links for the SDK ... rettyPhoto

I downloaded the Windows 32 and 64 bit. Extract it and you will see a demo directory. Run the demo and connect to your camera's IP. It sees the camera just fine and does show all of the options already enabled on the camera.

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:59 pm
by craig_1234
There is no telnet service running on that port. That's the OSPF routing protocol. For example, you would get the same response if you tried to telnet into the RTSP port 554.

On some of the cheap 4MP IP cam modules port 23 is open. The fact that Telnet port 23 is closed on your hikvision camera is a good thing.

I don't have any Hikvision branded IP cameras at the moment to play around with, I only have the analogue HD TVI ones and the Hikvision DVR/NVR. I've also got two cheap IP cam modules running the Hisilicon Hi3518E and 3516D chipset and another with a XM530+2235 ? chipset.

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:21 pm
by pete

Just playing here with the new Hikvision OEM doorbell. It came in an unlabeled box. I replaced the Ring doorbell with the Hikvision. Updated the firmware to latest and have ONVIF, RTSP (two streams) and JPG captures going using the HikVision Batch configuration program.

The other two camera boards have HikVision model numbers. One is using a 3.6mm lens and the other is using a 2.8 mm lens. Originally everything was showing up in Chinese and I was able to change the base language with the web gui which only worked in old IE.

Both are listed as DS-2CD3T20D-I3 model numbers with Firmware version 5.4.23 build 161020 dated mid 2019. Try to check the two IP camera modules with HikVision Batch configuration.

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:13 am
by craig_1234
The hikvision batch configuration tool seems to work fine on the 3516D module, no problems. I've never used this tool before as I didn't think it was compatible. It's no custom firmware, but it's actually pretty good. Thanks

I've also tried it with the Hisilicon Hi3518E module but it wouldn't connect. However, on this module ports 23, 80, 554 and 8899 are open, no http-alt 8000. It does work with the open platform SDK ( which is Java based although the registration is in Chinese. I'll try it when I have more time available.

Regarding the camera lenses I use 2.8mm on my two overview cameras, 3.6mm everywhere else and 6mm on my front door cam.

There are some pretty cool gadgets coming out of china at the moment. I'm waiting for the 5G ip camera modules to come out as I would love to get into the 5G stuff, although where I live there is no 5G at the moment.

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:57 pm
by pete
The client demo application is a bit overwhelming. Here it connects fine only it doesn't let you change much other than the basics. It works statically so if you make a change to the camera firmware it only will work until the next reboot of the camera. Old Hikvision application works in Windows here via VPN locally. IE: for the video doorbell I can see events via Hikvision application on my cell phone via VPN.

Found a shop on Ebay for these camera boards. The two I purchased were $20 each with free shipping. These were 4-5 MP boards. The shop also sells 10 MP boards. They also sell the POE and WLAN modules for the boards. The boards also come with microphones.

Here is a picture of the browser settings which only works in IE. Not in chrome or firefox.
Here is a picture of the camera board:
Here is a link to the SDK with client demo. ... ion=locate

Here is a view of the client demo:
The reason originally many years ago for going with the Grandstream 1 Mp board was SIP. The Grandstream boards were double stacked 38 mm boards.
These are single stacked boards.

Original testing here ran POE cables to the outer berms of the house lot and mounted the cameras on 6X6 posts facing the house. A few times they got buried in snow but I was testing the cameras.

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:10 pm
by craig_1234
Thanks, I'll check out the client demo. However, it is a bit pointless if the settings are deleted on the next reboot, as one of my modules does crash occasionally. I guess that's why the restart timer is enabled by default.

Restart Timer.png
Do you normally turn off the restart timer?

I normally buy my camera modules from aliexpress. There are some 12MP ones at the moment, but they are too expensive at $165.00 US for the board only. Then you have to add the lens, IRC and the heatsink. I might buy one in ~2 years when they are the same price as the 4MP modules. They are normally a bit cheaper than Chinese eBay sellers and you can negotiate the price. However, eBay is better if you get a faulty module or they fail to send the item.

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:36 pm
by pete
Here do not have a restart timer.

What Hikvision camera model is showing for your one Hikvision camera board? You can update the firmware for that camera with the Batch configuration program.

What did you pay for the current Hikvision camera board via ali express?

Back in the Grandstream board testing days I paid $100-150 for the boards.

Yes the client demo has been used to enable SSH and Telnet to be able to tweak while connected to the demo where you can make changes to the firmware via SSH / Telnet.

The newer firmware and higher MP cameras have face recognition built in to the OS.

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:09 pm
by craig_1234
It didn't display anything for the device type, so it's probably not fully compatible with the Hikvision batch configuration tool or just needs to be updated (it's running the original FW). However, I'm not going to risk updating the firmware at the moment.

I think I paid around $35 US when purchased, but that was a while ago now. You are probably talking about $15 for the same item today. However, I don't know about your shipping costs or any customs/import duty as I don't live in the US.

Re: IP Camera monitoring on Win 10 Joggler

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 4:56 pm
by pete

I did not upgrade the firmware on these boards as current firmware was from July, 2019. The Ebay offer was $25 USD or best with free shipping about a month ago.

I did update the firmware on the Hikvision OEM video doorbell. Doing this enabled ONVIF (only with no password). I have disconnected the camera from the cloud enabled app these days.

Way back JTAG'd a PT Foscam camera and updated the firmware per CS which they sent me. Used the camera only for a couple of months.