Joggler Power Supply

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Joggler Power Supply

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Hi All

I'd forgotten all about my joggler until the other day when I was bored at work and stumbled back across this forum. I'd rather like to get my joggler back up and running android to use it as a bedside clock.

I have dug the joggler out of the cupboard but have run into a slight snag...the power supply was not with it. Can any one please post up a pic of the power supply so I have an idea what I'm looking for in my loft, I know I have masses of power adapters and supplies up there any clues as to what it looks like or has written on it might just help save a lot of time and potentially save my joggler from being fried by a wrong supply.

Any help would be very much appreciated!! :)

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Re: Joggler Power Supply

Post by pete »

It is an Openpeak labeled 5VDC 4 AMP power supply with a standard 2.5mm barrel connector with the center post being positive and the outer post being negative.

Much of the time the print on these power supplies is so small it is difficult to read the voltage. Best to check with a voltmeter just to make sure. IE: making sure that the power is 5VDC and not AC or not any other voltage. The older transformers were not regulated and just about all of the new ones are regulated power supplies.

Just found a POE device here yesterday. It is larger than the power splitter and has a POE in and DATA out with 1 12VDC output and two USB 5VDC outputs.

Personally have utilized 2.5 AMP power supplies and whatever 5VDC juice came from my POE Tycon / TPLink power splitters. Looks like this for the UK. The US one had only two prongs.
Most important that you utilize a 5VDC power supply and not a 12VDC power supply (they look identical except for the voltage).
- Pete

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