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[Fix] Squeezeplay Icon lost?

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:55 pm
by gforums
Hi guys,

if your Joggler lost some icons (especially Squeezeplay), that's probably because Openpeak disabled all their servers (which also were responsible for the appshop to work).

EDIT: More information is already within the PNPIII thread. Have a look here:

To get your icons back, you need to edit this file:

Code: Select all

Modifications that always were made within the applications file in /media/appshop are lost.

For example, add this line somewhere to get the Squeezeplay Icon back:

Code: Select all

<app id="launcher" static="1" ext="1" standalone="1" loc="/media/launcher/apps/SqueezePlay/" icon="icon.swf" app="/media/launcher/apps/SqueezePlay/trigger.cgi"/>
That's it!