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Re: Reflash System for OpenFrame

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:06 pm
by pete
Welcome to the Joggler forum pepilo!

The reflash boot disk has a directory called reflash. I am guessing that is where you are copying your two files to.

The two files for the operating system and the MD5 checksum file and Squeeze Play OS are all less than 466Mb.

1 - Version 30300 firmware and MD5 file are 136Mb
2 - Squeeze player USB installer and boot disk image are 12Mb - you do not need to use reflash for SqueezePlayer native OS
3 - Squeeze Play OS is two flavors ; one for the O2 Joggler and one for the Openframe with two speakers in front.
The named two files that you copy to your reflash directory are around 220 Mb.

Which OS is it you want on your O2 Joggler?

An attempt to translate from english to german.

Das Reflash-Boot-Diskette hat ein Verzeichnis namens Reflash. Ich vermute, das ist, wo Sie Ihre zwei Dateien zu kopieren.

Die beiden Dateien für das Betriebssystem und die MD5-Prüfsumme-Datei und Squeeze Play OS sind alle weniger als 466Mb.

1 - Version 30300 Firmware und MD5-Datei sind 136Mb
2 - Squeeze Player USB Installer und Boot Disk-Image sind 12Mb - du musst nicht Reflash für SqueezePlayer native OS verwenden
3 - Squeeze Play OS ist zwei Geschmacksrichtungen; eine für die O2-Jongleur und eine für die Openframe mit zwei Lautsprechern vorne.
Die zwei Dateien mit Namen, die Sie zu Ihrem Reflash Verzeichnis kopieren sind rund 220 Mb.

Sie wollen die OS ist es auf Ihre O2-Jongleur?

Re: Reflash System for OpenFrame

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:50 pm
by pepilo
Hi pete,
now it works!
I flashed a joggler with Squeeze Play OS. My fault was to copy the unpacked os file to the reflash directory.
Sorry I did not read the instructions carefully.
Many thanks for your help!

Re: Reflash System for OpenFrame

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:22 pm
by pete
Good news pepilo!

Another little patch I would suggest is to write a mac address to the internal network card as it comes out of the factory with no firmware. Easy to do.

1 - write a seabios rom in place of the efi rom
2 - boot to a dos based OS
3 - write the firmware to the Realteck NIC
4 - write back the EFI original BIOS
5 - now you have a mac address on the integrated realtek NIC card.