Poll : What OS are you running?

General discussion relating to the O2 Joggler, from the default O2 setup, to alternative operating systems and applications.

What OS are you running on your joggler(s)?

Stock O2 OS
Mint Linux
Android 2.2
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Re: Poll : What OS are you running?

Post by SteveC »

Another windows XP here too
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Re: Poll : What OS are you running?

Post by asantaga »

Gosh this thread is still active :-) How nice..

I've moved one joggler to Ubuntu 11.10 and it runs as a NAS with MiniDlna/Samba etc (keeps asking me to upgrade to 12.04 but it aint broke so aint fixing it :-)

the other one is flirting with StockOS and Android... Android "could" be nice, but there are issues with it still... shame..
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Re: Poll : What OS are you running?

Post by dwl99 »

Was it the ICS Android build you tried? I'm still happily using the 2.2 which has been almost unbreakable.
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Re: Poll : What OS are you running?

Post by joggi »

o2 is my favorite so i used it..
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Re: Poll : What OS are you running?

Post by butch_uk »

I'm very happy, in fact delighted with PnP3, it has everything I need for what I use it for, Opera mobile is perfect and the icing on the cake, why the hell didn't 02 put a browser on from the start???

Anyway, I've dabbled with all the available distros including XP, and I've settled for PnP3 as it works and there's no sticky-outy dongle.

Many thanks to everyone involved with PnP3 and the subsequent bug fixers, if that was put on by 02 then it would have been a damn site more popular than it was.
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Re: Poll : What OS are you running?

Post by gegs »

I know this will skew results a bit but I've just changed my 3 options. I'm now using Mint as my hard-disk based distro (changed from Ubuntu), P'n'P III (changed to "Other" from "Stock O2 OS") and still occasionally use Joli OS, although not as much as my kids do (no change).

I think the Mint figures are a bit low, if the forum posts by recent converts are anything to go by.
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Re: Poll : What OS are you running?

Post by Andrew1971 »

Hi All
I am using XP at the moment will try others but XP will be my long term os after playing.
As it runs good. The os thats on the joggler is o2 with pnp 3.
Many Thanks
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Re: Poll : What OS are you running?

Post by cszhy »

BuZz wrote:i mostly run jolios (jolicloud), same kernel etc with ubuntu though and xorg on my dists. I don't have stability problems. sometimes the wireless drops and is stubborn but maybe after a week or so at most. stability seems to be ok here.

If you have compiz running it might be worth turning it off on ubuntu. if you get complete freezes, it might be interesting if you are logged in my shell and can get the last stuff mesg throws out.

I admit i haven't yet tried android. I should do and also meego, but I have been spending some time using my jogglers rather than devving which has been nice :)
can I install squeeze play in joliOS? is pptp or 12tp vpn available in JoliOS or can I install it?
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Re: Poll : What OS are you running?

Post by pete »

Here favorite today is Buzz's Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - can do all sorts of things with it.

I am also running XBMC and Squeezebox players using Buzz's base build and lately Openhab, propietary Linux automation stuff, phone stuff, wine, et al.

Many of the automation tablets (well up to 20) are running embedded XP and work well such that they are remote controlled by the mothership. The old mothership is running on Wintel server. The new mothership is running on Ubuntu 64bit 14.04 server while it talks to its underlings running on Linux or Wintel. IE: purchased a few Kinects which will be connected to a few Windows 8.1 mini boxes for Kinect integration to the mothership. Hoping for some linux Kinect integration. (well playing with Linux SAPI but using Wine today for my voice fonts).
- Pete
O2 Jogglers running EFI Ubuntu / Squeezeplayer
OpenPeak Voip Telephony / Zigbee tabletops hardware modded with Seabios / RTC / Ethernet ROM edits / SSD drives running XPe for automation screens

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Re: Poll : What OS are you running?

Post by deegy »

I have now and again upgraded ubuntu the with the last ever XBMC I lost the use the touch screen, luckly with a bit of sshing I moved to kodi (new name for XBMC) and the whole world speeded up and my bedroom joggler is now usable again. I have been looking at doing an Android Lollipop port but this took for ever to download and compile and was very slow in, a vm once the Android x86 team have got going on images I may have another go.

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