Joggle 2 VOIP setup testing Part 1

Discussion for non Joggler hardware / software including software for devices that share similarities with the O2 Joggler Hardware. This section has been opened for discussion of things like the settings up the EMGD drivers on other hardware using Ubuntu, as discussion of this has been banned at the official Ubuntu Forums.
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Joggle 2 VOIP setup testing Part 1

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Goofing around a bit yesterday I configured Asterisk on the Joggler II. Works fine; but a bit overkill and may shrink down the PBX to something like PBX on a flash but run it on one of the Joggler II's.

I tried a Joggler 2 to Joggler 2 softphone intercom connection and it works fine. The Ubuntu available soft phones though are not as nice as the Openpeak flash based soft phone interfaces.

Goal maybe is to configure one Joggler 2 with PBX and a softphone with the rest of the Joggler 2's just running softphones. I can also just use "PBX on a flash" and put it on a Seagate Dockstar or Plug computer or Rasberry Pi or ....

Next trying to see how the new IPHD cameras from Grandstream work as they do have SIP built in. This is kind of leading to a DIY SIP door bell experiment.

You can also probably install a Skype client and utilize the DECT phones with that if we can get them to work in Ubuntu.

Asterisk on the Joggler 2
Generic softphone on the Joggler 2
Grandstream HD IP camera SIP configuration page. This is a test as I have been purchasing and DIYing my IP HD cameras.
That said the camera board and lens are some maybe 38mm square plus 20mm high stacked.
Really a nice little setup that included a POE network board, clock and a whole tiny OS running on the camera board.
Grandstream IP HD Camera SIP settings.jpg
- Pete

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