NOAA Satellite Pictures using an RPi or Joggler

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NOAA Satellite Pictures using an RPi or Joggler

Post by pete » Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:35 pm

Base Hardware:
1 - RPi2-3 or Joggler
2 - SDR USB dongle
3 - antenna

Started project with a V-Dipole antenna (below picture) which is highly directional and does work.
The V-Dipole antenna is around 21" and looks like a TV antenna in a horizontal plane. It is small.
The antenna below is omnidirectional and a bit larger at 4 feet high.

Base Software
1 - 3 bash scripts
2 - OS can be Jessie, Stretch or Ubuntu

Basically the bash scripts create a schedule when the NOAA weather satellites pass overhead and then captures the pictures sort of like a fax machine line by line via sound. If you listen to the satellite it sounds a bit like a clock with tones.

It is the antenna in this project.
- Pete

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